Angela House

To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.




New Van!

Thanks to you, our generous donors and the amazing people at Knapp Chevrolet, Angela House has replaced the old worn out van.  We are all very grateful to everyone who participated in making this new van possible.  




 Becoming a Resident

Do you know someone who may be interested in becoming a resident of Angela House? If so, please click below to see our guidelines and have access to our downloadable forms and information.

More Information

Angela House Recognized by Drake

Drake Groupsm
Group photo during the meet and greet with Drake on 7/20/17

The women of Angela House were invited to meet Drake as VIP guests at the Back-to-School Barbeque during Houston Appreciation Week (HAW). This encounter was completely unexpected and the women were beyond surprised and delighted to have been selected for the opportunity. Drake was incredibly gracious with his time and the kind words of encouragement he gave to the women. Further, Drake took the time to listen to the women tell their stories of transformation and take individual photos. Angela House continues to be a place of recovery and hope and Drake provided a personal touch to ensure our residents know their worth. Thank you Drake for taking the time to get to know the women of Angela House and our work in the community!



In the News!

KHOU Channel 11 featured Angela House

in their "Stands for Houston" segment of the six o'clock news.  Reporter Ron Trevino 

visited and spoke with Sister Maureen and some of our residents.



Paper Suit Off, Apron On

Angela House sets residents up for success

Words by Francine Spiering * Photos by Jenn Duncan 

Click Image for Article


Edible Houston featured Angela House and the Let It Rise in their most

recent edition.  Let It Rise is a vocational program aimed at giving women

of Angela House an opportunity to gain experience in the culinary industry,

as well as build confidence and belief in oneself. Francine Spiering wrote an

amazing article that showcases what the combination of teamwork

and community spirit can do to help further the lives of those willing to

make a change for the better.  Click on the image to the right to view the article.


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