Angela House

"To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration."

A Visit from the Mayor!












Angela House residents and staff were

honored to Have Mayor Sylvester Turner,

Councilman Gallegos and their staff visit.

We were happy to share the story of Angela House.

 SrMayorladies                                      Sister Maureen, Councilman Gallegos and Mayor Turner with Angela House residents.


allofus                                    Angela House staff and residents with Mayor Turner and Councilman Gallegos.






Who is Angela?

Angela OConnell

Angela M. Schneider O'Connell

Angela House honors the memory of Angela M. Schneider O'Connell, who typified the energy, love of life, and care for all of creation that comes when one has the opportunity to live and grow in safety.  Angela was passionate about empowerment of others, fiercly believing that all people have the right to live, grown and becomet he kind of person they want to be.  Her keen intellect, sense of humore, and warm personality were a joy to all who knew her.

Angela taught those who knew her what it meant to live vividly alive, even as cancer ravaged her body.  She fiercly resisted the "dying of the light."  Each new treatment was a stand against death, a refusal to give the disease warrant over her, her family, or her friends.  She continued to work hard, look elegant , engage itellectually, cook marvelous meals, and warmly greet her friends.  Angela passed on November 10, 1998 at a much too early, 51 years of age.

Angela House provides residents with the opportunity to resist "dying of the light," which is so often a consequence of incarceration.